Restylane in Houston

For those concerned with signs of aging and unwanted blemishing or scarring on that beautiful face of yours, a Restylane® injection may resolve your troubled mind. Restylane® is a facial filler option used by Dr. Freeman to smooth out, fill in, and decrease facial folds and “crinkles” that develop over one’s lifetime. This versatile product also plumps and defines the outline of the lips, blends out unsightly pits caused by acne scarring, and fills in the folds between the nose and corner of your mouth that defines the cheek. Restylane® may even be used on the back of the hands to improve the suppleness of its tissue adding a more youthful appearance.

Houston women and men too love looking good! Don’t we all!! At the Skin Spa our Medical Spa in the Montrose area has your anti-aging answers. For a fuller, younger, and smoother appearance consider Restylane® as a beauty enhancement solution.

Restylane® Facts

Since its original use in Europe beginning in 1996, Restylane® injections have continued to be proven successful aesthetic treatment backed by science for those looking to rid themselves of unwanted blemishes and aging. It is formulated as a clear gel injected with a naturally occurring molecule known as hyaluronic acid found in organic life. The gel lifts facial tissues and restores and rejuvenates the freshness of the skin at the site of injection.
A treatment session will typically last only 30 minutes and may include a topical or local anesthetic to numb the site to prepare for the injection. Risks vary per individual, but complications are rare. Skin Spa’s medical director Dr. Phil Freeman will determine the course of treatment that’s right for you, so ask if Restylane® is the right option for your specific need.

Restylane® Recovery

Restylane® injections have little pain and no down time and a patient may go back to the office or resume their daily activities without skipping a beat. If mild swelling occurs an ice pack may be used, make-up may also be applied to conceal any areas redness. Consult your doctor about any other mild side-effects that could possibly occur.

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